Navigating solar energy on your own can be challenging. Coast Energy has a collective 50+ years of industry experience and has streamlined every step of the process to guide you from idea to installation.


Our team advises on the most effective energy-improvement solutions for your buildings. We manage all of the details for a hassle-free experience.


You can rely on our trusted network of engineers, suppliers, and construction professionals committed to building the highest-quality solar energy and storage systems available.


We finance 100% of your solar installation. You pay less than your utility-provided rate for clean renewable energy.

Construction Management

We only work with licensed solar professionals who know the ins and outs of local ordinances, building codes, permits, and material handling. We oversee every aspect of your project to ensure it is completed smoothly and to our standards.

Asset Management

Our team employs state-of-the-art tools and services to monitor and maintain all aspects of your solar energy system to maximize your benefits from solar power.

Performance Optimization

We use best-in-class technology and equipment to optimize system performance while providing real-time analytics.

Commercial and Industrial

One of the largest expenses commercial real estate and industrial building owners face is electricity costs. Installing solar energy provides a long-term cost savings opportunity while allowing you to turn unused building space into a monetary asset. We handle the financing, installation, and operation of your solar energy system – all you have to do is pay your reduced energy bill every month.

Installation Types:

Rooftop Solar Array
Solar Carports & Covered Parking
EV Charging
Energy Storage

Solution Outcomes:

Increase NOI
Attract Eco-Conscious Tenants
Raise Property Value
Meet Goals

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If your business relies on energy-intensive infrastructure, you can significantly offset your electricity demand with solar power. We can install solar on structures or surrounding, unused land to provide you with positive cash flow and ESG benefits.

Installation Types:

Ground Mount
Parking Canopy

Solution Outcomes:

Offset Current Electrical Costs
Monetize Unused Space
Contribute to a Healthier Planet

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Community solar projects allow more participants to access the benefits of renewable energy,  including reduced utility costs and a healthier environment. We work with communities to create solar subscription plans that provide low-cost energy to renters, businesses, non-profits, and others, even if they don’t own the building or land outright.

Installation Types:

Ground Mount
Energy Storage

Solution Outcomes:

Expand Access to Solar Benefits
Reduce Emissions
Accelerate Sustainable Infrastructure

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Have other building improvements on deck? Complete them at the same time as your solar install with innovative financing options.

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